Maintenance, Repair, and

Overhaul (MRO)

Quality services make huge differences.

Making the most out of your product life-span

Through careful maintenance, meticulous inspection, and excellent quality; Wizentech aims to help in making the most out of your product during its life-span. We aim to provide quality services from the start, until the end.

Capabilities and Experiences

Instruments and Avionics

Hydraulic Damper

Actuators (Hydraulic, Electric)

Generator Control Unit

Ground Support Equipment

Test Equipment

Maintenance for Various Helicopters

AW109 Simulator

The ATO Simulator is used to train helicopter pilots by simulating real life events, tasks, as well as movements via projector screens, vibration and movement systems, etc.

The Simulator interior

Wizentech Aerospace is a company capable of maintaining the ATO Simulator's Hardware and Software parts including the following:


Full Computer System
Digital Display System
Digital Audio System
Auto Pilot
Automatic QTG'S




Cylindrical Visual Screen
Vibration System Leg
Vibration System Actuator
External Mirror
Hydronic System